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Study Abroad Scholarship in Fashion Design
There are 13 organizations offering a total of 13 Study Abroad Scholarships
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ScholarshipCircle Scholarship

Visit to enter our $5,000 scholarship.  More...


Boren Fellowship

Boren Fellowships provide up to $30,000 to U.S. graduate students to add an important international and language component to their graduate education through specialization in area study, language study, or increased language proficiency. Boren Fellowshi  More...


Boren Scholarship

Boren Scholarships provide up to $20,000 to U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin Americ  More...

Saltire Scholarship

Scholarship worth up to £2,000.  More...

UH International Scholarship

Our UH international scholarship is available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.The UH international scholarship is available to all students with an overseas (non-EU) fee status, including those from the regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, North Afri  More...

Chancellor's International Scholarships

The University of Hertfordshire is an ambitious and entrepreneurial University with an international vision, putting students at the heart of what we do.A key aspect of the University's mission is to prepare students for the global economy and to enhance   More...