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First Annual Global Student Leadership Summit in Revi... Last week, in conjunction with our 3rd annual Diversity Abroad conference, Diversity Abroad hosted t...


Win a $500 Travel Grant through our #JoinDA College C... We’re excited to announce a #JoinDA College Competition to see what school can get the most students...


Global Student Leadership Summit: A Student Perspecti... My deep passion for traveling began with my short term trip to Italy and Greece. In 2013, I was bles...


Things to Consider when Choosing a Study Abroad Progr... Making the decision to study abroad, like any big life decision, takes a lot of self-reflection and ...


Explore the NEW TODAY! We’re so excited to announce that starting on Tuesday, Jan. 20th, the new will b...


Tips for Making Study Abroad Work for Any Major Study abroad can still be one of the most enriching experiences of your undergraduate career – regar...

dummy Deidre Young

5 Ways to Have a Global Summer School is out, graduation season is over, and summer plans have begun.

dummy Deidre Ellis

Four Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Studying A... Before you even think about studying abroad, can you answer these 4 questions?

dummy Priya Randhawa

A Glimpse of London Popular Neighborhoods I’ve been travelling to London since I was a young girl and since I have family there I have spent q...

dummy Priya Randhawa

Realizing My Skin Color I was born of Kenyan and Laotian decent. Both of my parents - my father from Kenya and my mother fro...

dummy Symph Symph

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Study Abroad Experience More ... Imagine you are sitting across from the interviewer, and he asks you about your study abroad experie...

dummy Deidre Ellis

8 Study Abroad Scholarships that Every Student Should... Funding can be the biggest obstacle for many students looking to study abroad. Here are 8 scholarshi...

dummy Riley Sklar and Tara Matthews

Convincing Your Parents You Should Go Abroad You’re dead set on spending the next semester of your college career abroad. Before you can apply, t...

dummy Riley Skylar

How to Overcome Overpacking, for the Fashionably Dres... Over-packing is an issue that a lot of us have to deal with, especially on your first trip abroad. B...

dummy Tara Matthews

A "Next Level" Experience: Benefits of Studying a For... No matter what career field you’re looking to work in, having a second language may give you the add...

dummy Antonio Reyes
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