Academic Concerns

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What GPA do I need to study abroad?  

- The minimum GPA varies because each study abroad program sets its own requirements.  In addition to a GPA requirement there may be other academic prerequisites you must fulfill before studying abroad.  Check with the programs you are interested in for any specific requirements.

Who will my professors be? Who will my classmates be? 

- Depending on what kind of program you choose, your professors may be from your own university, from the host country, or a combination of the two.  Students may be other American students, international students, or students from the host country.  Likewise, the staff can also vary.  Check with your program to find out more.

Do I have to know a foreign language in order to go abroad? 

- You don't have to know a foreign language in order to study abroad.  Many programs are offered in English and do not require previous study of a foreign language.  Of course, some programs are taught in a foreign language and do have prerequisites that must be met, so plan ahead if you are interested in these.

Will I graduate on time if I study abroad? 

- Yes, you can study abroad and graduate on time if you plan ahead.  If the classes you take are given approval, you can earn credit towards your degree and even your major.  A study abroad adviser and your major adviser can help you plan so that you can study abroad and graduate on time.

Will I get credit for classes I take abroad? 

- Many study abroad programs offer credit, but this credit may or may not be transferable to your home institution.  Make sure that you speak with an academic adviser before you study abroad to make sure that you will receive credit and to check whether or not the classes you take abroad can be applied to your major or other academic requirements.

Where will I be living? 

- Different programs have different housing options.  Most students who study abroad live dorms, apartments, or homestays.  The particular housing options available to you will depend on the program.


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