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How do I choose a study abroad program? What should I look for?  

Everyone has something different that they are looking for in study abroad.  Maybe you want to study a foreign language and experience another culture, or perhaps you want to learn more about the country your ancestors came from.  Thinking about your expectations and goals can help you choose a program, but remember to be flexible and that there may not be a program that perfectly fits what you're looking for.

What will it be like at the program destination?

Each destination is unique.  To get an idea of what it is like, you can research information on the culture, food, and weather of that city and country.  Another way to find out more about the location is to talk to people who have visited there, especially if they have participated in the program you are considering.

Why should I study abroad?

There are many reasons why you should study abroad.  Study abroad is a challenge, and you will learn and grow in many ways. By experiencing a new culture and maybe even a new language, you will benefit personally, educationally, and professionally.

How long should I study abroad?

An ideal length of time to study abroad for many students is for at least at semester, but remember that study abroad opportunities can range anywhere from two weeks to a year or more.  If you have family obligations or other commitments, you may want to consider short-term or summer study abroad.  No matter what the length of your program is, your time abroad will be valuable.

Where do I look for information about the program?

Many programs have a website and/or informational brochures which are a good starting point for finding out more about that program.  If you have additional questions, a study abroad adviser or the program adviser can help answer your questions.

Where should I study abroad? 

There are hundreds of study abroad opportunities offered throughout the world.  One way to narrow down where you'd like to go is to think about what kinds of qualities you are looking for in a location.  Would you prefer an urban or a rural setting?  Do you want to go to an English-speaking country or somewhere where you will use a foreign language?  You will also want to consider affordability and safety as you choose a destination.


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