Why Volunteer Abroad

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Volunteering abroad is an opportunity often under utilized. Some even considered it not worthwhile, because it does not provide immediate monetary pay.  So why participate in volunteer abroad programs? Here are just a few reasons that highlight why volunteering abroad can be great.

  • You can better the society with your service. Your skills and abilities will be valued and appreciated to build a better community.
  • You may feel immediate satisfaction by helping others. Humans are wired to feel good when they are needed by others. By doing good, you may feel a growing sense of satisfaction, confidence and belonging.
  • You are able to take part in something meaningful. Many volunteering projects have a very ambitious long-term goal. Would you like to proudly claim how many hungry children you saved from starvation, how many villages you have rebuilt, or how you slowed down global warming for the whole human race? Even if it's something not as grand as this, volunteer projects are nevertheless inspirational and meaningful.
  • You will meet interesting people and build deep friendship through the experience. By working with a group of compassionate people with the same goal, it is hard to not discover some lasting companions.
  • You can learn valuable skills. Many volunteer opportunities provide you with hands-on experiences and allows you to practice technical skills. This can increase your abilities, strengthen your resume and impressive your future employer.
  • You may be contributing to the future. Sustainability. We are, after all, residence of this world. Projects that deals with environmental and sustainability may not only benefit others, but in the end may also benefit yourself as well.
  • You get first hand experience and may gain more profound appreciation of the culture by working and interacting with the locals.


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