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Diversity Abroad Scholarship

Looking for funding? Find out about Diversity Abroad Scholarship opportunities.

Discussion Board

Have questions, give advice! Join the latest discussion on studying abroad.

Student Blogs

Learn what other students have to say about their experiences abroad.


High School Study Abroad Center


Information for International College & University Students


High School Study Abroad Guide

Learn the basics of what it takes to study abroad as a high school student and what steps to take next to make your dream of exploring the world a reality.

Paying For Study Abroad

Learn about resources and strategies you can use to finance your study abroad.

Know Before You Go

Preparation is the key to success, especially when it comes to studying abroad. Learn about what you should know before starting your adventure abroad.

Diversity & Inclusion

Your uniqueness makes you a walking example of diversity in your host country. Learn how to use your differences to get the most out of your experience abroad.

Tips for Living Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the best experiences in your high school life. Use the following tips to help you better navigate and get the most out of your stay abroad.


Still have questions of what study abroad is all about? Get the straightforward facts about study abroad.

Student Profiles

Read the experiences of students, just like you, who have made the decision to explore the world and live outside their comfort zone.

Travel Deals

Looking to travel abroad but not break the bank? We have deals that can help make your study abroad experience an affordable one.

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