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Since 1997, CEA has maintained one simple philosophy: To provide high-quality international academic programs and services. For you, that translates to personalized support through each step of your study abroad experience, from the moment you first apply to the day you return home again.

Along the way, you’ll learn to adapt, to communicate across cultures, to broaden your perspective. You’ll earn credits toward graduation while gaining invaluable skills that boost your résumé and enhance your employability. You’ll make new friends and expand your network. And you’ll learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. Simply put, study abroad will shape the rest of your life.

Because studying abroad is more than just an academic experience -- it’s a life experience. A CEA education abroad expands the boundaries of your education, transforming the world into your classroom. With destinations in 22 cities across 12 countries, CEA offers a balance of academics and adventure to thousands of students each year. Where will your learning take you?

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