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Go Global News: Being Black in Spain



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April 4, 2012

Diverse Perspectives:

Yellow, Red and Black! Being Black in Spain

My life studying abroad in Spain as an African-American was a lot like my life in the states yet strikingly different. You would think that Spain would be especially acquainted with people of a darker hue because of its close proximity to Africa and the large amount of African immigrants in the country. However, I felt that was not the case. If I had stayed there longer than my five-month stint, it would have been substantially harder to live and assimilate into society; especially given the type of lifestyle I was used to back home in America. Granted, assimilation into a country for any foreigner would be difficult. However, in my opinion, I had a slightly different struggle than my American counterparts from different cultural backgrounds. Here's how…


-Arien Atterberry

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