Street Child Education, Sports Coach & Medical Volunteers - Bolivia

offered by Agape Adventures

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Volunteering with us in Bolivia will inspire you, make you laugh & will bring you a new perspective on life. It is in this project that all of life happens - from the youngest to the eldest, the whole community is represented here. There is amazing support & great friendships have been forged here, often in the most difficult of life circumstances. This fantastic project reaches out to those in greatest need, families on the edge, young people living rough, addicts & street children. It brings them all into a place of hope, understanding and acceptance. The staff provide education, medical care, micro-finance opportunities, sports & most of all a sense of belonging. Spanish lessons are included to help you learn or improve your Spanish skills while you help those in need, and have the adventure of your life! This is an amazing way to experience the true Bolivian way of life and to get right to the heart of some of the issues that face the poorest communities in Latin America. The staff team here have established a great work that is reaching out to the street children, the homeless & those at risk of offending. It is a project with immense heart and compassion, and a place that will inspire you for years to come. The needs of the communities in Bolivia are immense, it is the least developed country in Latin America and unlike its\' wealthier neighbour Brazil it does not have a share in the wealth that comes from intense tourism to boost the economy. As a result those who are lacking within the communities are often left to fend for themselves, the projects that do exist to support them struggle to find the resources to keep their good work going and so this is where your time with our project can really make a difference. Our project, based in the city of Cochabamba, works to provide a range of resources for the poorest families. Whilst here you can assist with a variety of aspects of the projects\' work and gain first hand experience of community development in its\' truest form. You can help teach in the education programme - a wonderful mobile school that is taken onto the streets for the children to learn and to improve their future chances of development. The mobile school is a lifeline for these children, it provides interactive lessons where they can learn Maths, Literacy skills, Language development and more. You can work with the homeless men and women helping to provide nutritious meals and help to restore their self esteem. Many feel they are at the bottom of the ladder in society and through the project they begin to once again see their lives as having value and purpose. The project provides activities, places to meet and talk with those who want to listen to them, friendship and structure. Meals are provided each day, and clothes are distributed when donations come in. Where the clothes are not suitable for use in the community they are transformed by the young people into environmentally friendly bags which are sold as part of the micro-finance scheme which exists to bring funds back into the day to day running of the programme.


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