API at Jagiellonian University in Krakow

Interdisciplinary Program; Polish Language and Culture Summer

offered by API

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Interdisciplinary Program: Students who choose to study abroad in Krakow with API complete courses offered in English by the Jagiellonian University of Krakow’s Interdisciplinary Program in Humanities and Social Sciences (IPHSS). The curriculum of the IPHSS program is designed to encourage an exchange of ideas and experience. The program focuses on the most significant issues of modern philosophy, anthropology, history, literary theories, art history and psychology. The main emphasis is placed on the modern and interdisciplinary character of 20th century cultural phenomena. Students select the majority of their classes from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and may ask for special permission to complete a course in another department of the university that offers courses in English (please note that not all classes taught outside of the department are equivalent to three semester credits). The IPHSS courses are generally attended by American and other international students. Most courses taught in the IPHSS are equivalent to three semester credits. INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AT LOCAL MUSEUM There are limited internship opportunities in Krakow through the Galician Jewish Museum. If you are interested in working as a docent or with the museum’s marketing and communications department, please let your API Program Manager know as soon as possible. Internships are unpaid and do not award credit. NTENSIVE TRACK Students complete a 5-credit Polish language course (for approximately 4-6 hours per day), along with 1-2 elective courses, each meeting 1.5 hours per day. Students in the Intensive Track program may not take the Polish Art course due to scheduling conflicts. NON-INTENSIVE TRACK Students complete a 3-credit Polish language course (for approximately 2 hours per day), and two elective courses, (each meeting 1.5 hours per day). Polish Language and Culture Summer: HIGHLIGHTS This former capital of Poland has always been famous for its beauty, charm and culture. With a student population of 150,000, the city has a youthful and energetic vibe. Young and old people alike stroll through the main market square throughout the day and evening. Krakow is unique in its beauty; unlike most Polish cities, Krakow’s structures survived WWII virtually undamaged. UNESCO has since included the city on it’s list of World Heritage Sites. St. Mary’s Church, with its dark blue ceiling lined with stars, and the Wawel Castle are two of the city’s most significant historical treasures. This lively and beautiful city is easily navigable either on foot or using the tram system. The friendly and welcoming people of Poland await students in Krakow!


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  • International Policy And Diplomacy
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