API at the Centro Intercultural de Querétaro in Querétaro

Spanish Language and Mexican Culture Program; Spanish for Medical Purposes

offered by API

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Spanish Language and Mexican Culture Summer: Students who choose to study abroad in Mexico with API attend courses at the Centro Intercultural de Querétaro (CIQ). Students at all levels are welcome to participate in this program, and all classes are taught in Spanish. Spanish language courses have been designed to encourage students to develop basic skills and help beginning, intermediate, and advanced students progress in their Spanish language acquisition, using the language in both real life and in academic situations. Each language course focuses on building vocabulary, practicing speaking and increasing fluency, learning and applying grammatical principles, and improving listening, reading and writing abilities. Each student’s Spanish level is determined by a placement exam administered upon arrival at the Centro Intercultural de Querétaro. All courses are designed for API students only. Students are required to pre-register for courses prior to arrival. Students are asked to indicate their choices in order of preference on the application form. Some courses may require a minimum enrollment, and not all courses may be offered each session. Spanish for Medical Purposes: The Spanish for Medical Purposes program provides the opportunity to develop communication skills in Spanish while acquainting students with the cultural aspects of medicine as practiced in Mexico. This program is designed for students pursuing a career or major in nursing, pre-med or other medical areas and for professionals in these fields. The program includes an intermediate or advanced-level Spanish course focusing on grammar and medical vocabulary and a practicum which includes visits to clinics and hospitals. Both the grammar and conversation classes emphasize medical vocabulary. Tasks are assigned according to linguistic competency levels. HIGHLIGHTS Located in the heart of Mexico, 124 miles to the northwest of Mexico City, Querétaro is the capital city of the state of Santiago de Querétaro. Surrounded by the Sierra Gorda and Sierra Madre Oriental mountains, this dynamic city boasts two World Heritage Sites and numerous examples of colonial architecture. Having been in the forefront of many major historical events and now ranked as one of the top Latin American cities with one of the most dynamic economies in Mexico, this vibrant city is an ideal place to experience the best of Mexico. Students can stroll through the picturesque colonial center, little plazas and narrow alleys, taking in the baroque architecture, well-preserved mansions, convents, monasteries, haciendas and art museums. This city of contrasts, which combines the old and the new, is the ideal setting for an intercultural experience.


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