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French Language and Culture; International Studies; Direct Enrollment; Intensive Month; Intensive Language Summer

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French Language and Culture: Students who choose to study abroad in Paris in the Department for French Language and Culture Studies (Institut de Langue et de Cultures Française) at the Institut Catholique de Paris select a combination of French language and cultural electives, referred to as French Civilization courses. The number of credits earned for each language course and the cultural electives varies according to the particular session a student selects. Additionally, as indicated below, in some sessions the French Civilization electives are available only to students at specific levels. A student’s French level is based on a placement exam administered by the ICP. The ICP follows the European Framework for their language levels, dividing students into the following: A1-1, A1-2, A2-1, A2-2, B1-1, B1-2, B2-1 and B2-2. International Studies: Students in the International Studies Program complete a French language course, along with 1-3 additional elective courses, for a total of 12-17 credits per semester. French language classes are offered at all levels, and all elective courses are taught in English. It is recommended, but not required, that students have completed one semester of college-level French prior to studying in Paris. A student’s French level is based on a placement exam administered by the ICP. Direct Enrollment: This program allows students with an advanced to superior level French language ability who want to study abroad in Paris to take their courses with French students at the Institut Catholique de Paris. Available subjects include courses in art history, education language, literature, philosophy, social sciences, religious studies, theology, and more. Students may also opt to take some of their courses in English with French students and take advanced and superior level electives with other international students. Students also take a course designed exclusively for API. Interested students may also choose to complete a teaching internship for an additional fee. Intensive Month: This program is for students at all levels. Classes are taught at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. A student’s French level is based on a placement test administered by the ICP. Intensive month students take 21 hours per week of class: 15 hours of French language, plus 2 workshops in oral and written French. The January Intensive Session is 4 weeks long for 80 contact hours, or 5-6 U.S. semester credits. The September Intensive Session is 3 weeks long for a total of 63 contact hours, or 4 U.S. semester credits Intensive Language Summer: This program provides a general overview of French language and culture to all levels for those who wish to study abroad in Paris for a summer session. Students take 21 hours of class per week: 15 hours of French language, plus up to 3 workshops in written or oral French and/or phonetics, written French or French cinema. Cultural topics are covered within the language courses, making this a well-rounded language program. Students complete a total of 84 contact hours for the summer session. HIGHLIGHTS Paris is well known as one of the most intellectual and intriguing cities in the world. The city maintains its status as the premier city in France and a leader in politics, art and fashion; every section of the city has its own unique charm and makes Paris a city like no other. For the history lover, the tour should begin in the heart of old Paris, the Ile de la Cité, which lies in the middle of the Seine River. Here one can explore the Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Paris, the Palais de Justice and a hidden jewel, Sainte Chapelle. For the art lover, the city holds countless museums, all boasting incredible collections. Some of the most popular include the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin and Centre Georges Pompidou. Tucked away in the city’s twenty arrondissements, or districts, are many more amazing sights and sounds waiting to be discovered.


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