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Direct Enrollment; Summer School in Irish Studies

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Direct Enrollment: Students who choose to study abroad in Cork at the University College Cork – National University of Ireland (UCC) choose from a range of undergraduate courses (called modules) offered in the Faculties of Arts, Celtic Studies, Commerce, Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Law (full-year students only) and Science. Courses are arranged in the seminar and lecture style, and grades are based predominantly on work submitted during the semester and by final exam. In order to integrate into the Irish system as fully as possible, spring semester and academic year students complete standard end-of-the-year exams. Other exam arrangements are made for fall semester students for most courses. Math and engineering courses are only available to students studying for the spring semester or the full academic year, as exams for these courses are only held at the end of May. Law courses are also only open to students studying for the full academic year. Summer School in Irish Studies: Students who choose to study abroad in Cork with API for a summer session will study at the University College Cork Summer School in Irish Studies. Through this program UCC endeavors to create a unique learning experience through a fusion of culture, landscape and rigorous history and literature examinations. The School is conducted at the 300 level (upper division) and is suitable for undergraduate students of history and literature, post-graduates, teachers and researchers in Irish Studies and those generally interested in Irish culture. During the summer session students explore the history, literature, and culture of the Irish through the ages. In 2015, the International Summer School in Irish Studies at University College Cork marks it’s thirty-sixth year. The School introduces students from across the world to the history, literature and culture of the Irish. The School will run for four weeks in the month of July. In the first two weeks students will explore how major turning points in Ireland’s history shaped it’s people’s identity. The second two weeks of the School wil examine how modern writers expressed that unique cultural identity. In lectures, seminars and field trips, students will explore the major themes of the Summer School program. HIGHLIGHTS This lively city on the beautiful south coast of Ireland is the country’s second largest city. Cork is known for its great contributions to architecture, design, music, dance, theater, film, food, literature and sports. Students can soak in the culture by visiting the Opera House, theaters, museums or by attending one of the many festivals held throughout the year. Cork is located only a few miles from the famous Blarney Castle and Blarney Stone. St. Finbarr’s Cathedral with its three spires and elaborate High Victorian interior is one of Cork’s most famous landmarks. Students and locals alike enjoy walking along St. Patrick Street and finding restaurants and pubs along the way. The large city market that is held daily is the perfect place to see Cork’s traditional commercial vibrancy in action. Come experience both traditional and modern Ireland with API in Cork!


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