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Direct Enrollment The University of Westminster, with 20,000 students, is divided into four campuses. Every campus has its own individual character and is home to a significant international student body, its own library and catering facilities. The central campuses are all just a short distance from many famous London landmarks. Students are encouraged to choose all their classes from one campus; students enroll in up to four classes per semester (only two practical modules per semester). Each class (module) at the University of Westminster is equivalent to 15 U.K. credits or 4 U.S. credits. Study abroad students in London at the University of Westminster usually earn a total of 60 U.K. credits or 16 U.S. semester credits per semester. Final registration and course confirmation do not occur prior to program departure. Timetables are not available until registration on campus, and courses may fill. As such, students are required to choose four courses, and indicate one alternate per course on the course selection form. Students are restricted to taking two practical modules per semester (e.g. studio based courses). There is an add/drop period at Westminster during the first week of classes. After that time, no changes can be made. Graduate Programs Students who wish to study abroad in London at the graduate level may spend one semester based at the University of Westminster studying alongside British and other international students. The program is administrated by the Study Abroad Unit within the University’s Education Abroad Centre. The aim of the Study Abroad Unit is to help students to adapt quickly to University life and to get the most out of their period of study here by giving support, advice, and information, as well as assisting in the process of credit transfer. HIGHLIGHTS London, an international center of business, fine arts, design, theater, technology, politics and finance, has inspired creativity and cutting-edge innovation for centuries. There is something for everyone in London: a bustling financial district, street markets, green spaces and elaborate parks, ruins, monuments, political machinations, art galleries and museums. Monuments to Britain’s glorious past are found throughout London, including the Tower of London, the Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the British Museum, and Trafalgar Square. Because of its famed galleries, the energy of Soho, the history that lives in the streets, the pub scene and the tranquility of London’s parks, London is alive with sources of inspiration.


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