API Gap Year in Cork, Ireland

University College Cork, National University of Ireland

offered by API

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Students at the University College Cork may choose from a range of introductory (1000 level) level undergraduate courses in the Faculties of Arts, Celtic Studies, Commerce, Technology, and Science as well as courses specially available to foreign students. All courses must be taken for credit (no pass/ fail option is available). Contact API for more information on specific classes available abroad. It is said that Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten. The gentle Irish rainfall, called ‘soft weather’ by the locals, really does create 40 shades of green and quite a few rainbows as well. Cork, Ireland’s second largest city, is a lively city located only a few miles away from the famous Blarney Castle and Blarney stone on the beautiful south coast of Ireland. It is known for its great contributions to architecture, design, music, dance, theater, film, food, literature and sports. Aspire students taking a gap year in Ireland will experience both traditional and modern sides of the country while in Cork.


  • Arts
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Science


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