Italiana Language and Culture Summer, Lecce

A hidden gem of Italian life and study

offered by Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies

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If you're serious about advancing in the Italian language, then spend your summer adapting the lifestyle of locals and immersing yourself into intensive language courses in Italy. Students who wish to immerse themselves in the Italian culture will find the program in Lecce to be a delightful and challenging alternative to the many established programs of northern and central Italy. Your studies will be based at the Centro Linguistico d'Ateneo at the Università del Salento. The program combines formal morning classes in Italian language and culture with an array of afternoon activities to choose from, all of which are taught in Italian. Each activity focuses on the traditional art forms and crafts of the region. Weekly excursions will take students throughout the beautiful Salentine peninsula, providing a variety of opportunities to experience the distinct cultural traditions of the region and to interact with local residents.


  • Romance Studies
  • Culture Studies
  • Italian Language Literature And Studies


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