Umbra Institute

Called ‘the big university town in a small Italian city,’ Perugia is home to Umbra Institute, which offers a variety of courses.

offered by Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies

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In the heart of Perugia sits the Umbra Institute, where students are given the opportunity to embrace all of Italian culture. Just minutes from campus sits the 15th century Palazzo degli Oddi, a palace that is still owned to this day by descendants of Italian nobility. This spectacular palazzo is adorned with magnificent neoclassical paintings and frescoed ceilings. In addition to the Palazzo's Renaissance splendor, it is replete with modern resources and amenities, including a library, computer labs with unlimited internet access, classrooms, and a student lounge. In addition to internships working with the local community, there are five program options in Perugia are designed to accommodate a variety of student needs and expectations. Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in the Italian language (Intensive Italian Program), to learn Italian while pursuing courses in art, political science, history and culture taught in English (General Studies Program, including honors courses), to carry out independent research under the guidance and supervision of expert faculty (Independent Research Program), or to gain a truly immersive experience with direct enroll at Universita per Stranieri or Universita degli Studi di Perugia, there are options to fit your curricular interests.


  • Romance Studies
  • History
  • Business
  • Art History
  • Gender Studies
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Culture Studies


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