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Bard College

For the Academically Adventurous!


Bard College is an independent institution of the liberal arts and sciences in upstate New York. We offer study abroad programs in Berlin, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; St. Petersburg, Russia and Abu Dis, West Bank. We also offer the Bard Globalization and International Affairs internship, a domestic program in New York City.


Bard College reaffirms its historical commitment to the maintenance of an educational community in which diversity is an essential and valued component. To that end, we believe that considerations for race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, class, physical ability, national origin, and age should enrich intellectual engagement and development. In every aspect of the College’s operations, therefore—in admissions, in student services, in faculty and staff appointments, in student life, in public events, and in the curriculum—our responsibility to diversity is expressed. Our students, faculty, staff, and administration stand united in support of an inclusive environment in which freedom of expression is balanced with a respectful standard of dialogue.


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