Bard Abroad in the West Bank (Al-Quds Bard)

Study Abroad in East Jerusalem

offered by Bard College

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This distinctive program offers intellectually curious students an unparalleled academic experience: the chance to study with Palestinian students at a college dedicated to the pursuit of intellectual inquiry, the promotion of critical thinking, and the open exchange of ideas and opinions. The Al-Quds Bard College for Liberal Arts and Sciences, located in Abu Dis, a neighborhood of East Jerusalem, is at the vanguard of liberal education in Palestine. As a result, it is a dynamic and intriguing location to spend a semester abroad. Participants in the Al-Quds Bard Study Abroad Program will: --Attend academically challenging classes taught in a seminar style, including courses analyzing a range of discourses surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; --Build meaningful connections with Palestinian students, both inside and outside the classroom; --Sharpen Arabic language skills, acquiring the vocabulary necessary to navigate daily life; --Undertake an internship, putting into practice theories and ideas from readings and classroom debates; and --Live in a historical Palestinian city. Participate in cultural excursions to important historical sites like the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem. Our interdisciplinary curriculum combines the best traditions of the Palestinian and U.S. educational traditions drawing on progressive trends. Faculty are respected scholars, theorists, writers, and artists who balance active research with commitment to excellence in teaching and advising. Seminar-style classes taught in English emphasize writing and critical thinking. Students are required to take an intensive colloquial Arabic course and are encouraged to take a Modern Standard Arabic class. Participants in the Al-Quds Bard Study Abroad Program also have access to a wide array of academic and cultural events, including: lectures, film screenings, field trips, symposia, workshops, and social events. Students interested in gaining practical experience outside of the classroom can deepen their inquiry through optional internships in their field of study.


  • Anthropology
  • Arabic
  • Biology (General)
  • Chemistry
  • Conflict Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Economics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Global Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • History
  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • International Affairs/Relations
  • International Development
  • International Law
  • International Studies
  • Literature
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Peace Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Social Justice
  • Urban Planning


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