Dublin Internship Program Summer

Intern in the friendly and approachable city of Dublin

offered by Boston University

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This exciting internship will boost your resume with employers and graduate schools. We will match you with a placement that best suits your professional and academic goals, so you enjoy relevant and worthwhile experiences while spending your summer in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Enjoy the friendly and approachable atmosphere of Dublin, an exciting yet manageable city where you’ll have every opportunity to access senior management in the workplace. Boost your resume with an eight-week internship in Dublin, a friendly, cosmopolitan European capital. We will match you with a placement that best suits your professional and academic goals. In addition to your internship reflection course, you will take an additional elective course through the Arcadia Dublin Center. Possible placements include: Business, Finance, Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising. Arcadia University opens the doors to new experiences, different academic learning, people, cultures and perspectives so you can build your own lifelong learning and memories: Explore a new world – excursions, activities, events, … Get to know yourself - then change! Gain a new view of the world and your place in it. Rely on us for support: 9 centers covering 12 countries worldwide Boost your résumé – employers AND graduate schools.


  • Business
  • Media And Communications
  • Journalism / Broadcasting
  • Political Science
  • Government


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