Menorca Field School in Archaeology & Heritage Management (Summer)

offered by Boston University

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Boston University’s Summer Menorca Field School in Archaeology & Heritage Management will learn the essentials of archaeological fieldwork and heritage management by participating in excavations on the culturally and naturally rich island of Menorca, Spain. Students will work at two sites: the Iron Age site of the Talayotic culture at Torre d’en Galmés and Illa del Rei, an island in Mahón Harbor that is the site of an 18th-century British naval hospital. The six-week program will include hands-on training in archaeological survey, excavation, recording, laboratory analysis, artifact processing, and geoarchaeological sampling. Fieldwork and laboratory work will be supplemented by a program of lectures, workshops, and study tours that will explore the diverse archaeology and heritage of Menorca. The heritage management component of the field school include topics relating to site interpretation, site management, cultural legislation, heritage presentation, public outreach, and museums. Torre d’en Galmés is a large Talayotic site with numerous megalithic structures. The BU archaeological project has been focusing on the use of domestic space from the late Iron Age (including the period of Roman control) through the Middle Ages, when parts of the site were reoccupied. The British naval hospital complex on Illa del Rei was built in the 18th century to support seamen of the British fleet. The archaeological project involves systematic survey of the island followed by archaeological testing in an effort to understand the nature, extent, and evolution of military usage of the island from the 18th- 20th centuries. Menorca, the easternmost of Spain’s four Balearic Islands, is located midway between Spain, Sardinia, France, and North Africa. The field school will be based in the beautiful port city of Mahón, now the modern capital of Menorca.


  • Archaeology


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