Venice Environmental Studies Program (Summer)

offered by Boston University

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The City of Venice, Italy is home to innumerable and priceless artifacts and treasures of western heritage and also a frequently cited example in heated debates about the impact of climate change. This makes Venice a unique, exciting, and dynamic location to explore a variety of critical issues related to climate change. Through two complementary courses this program introduces the main processes driving change in the Venice lagoon and examines the challenges faced by the international community in developing and implementing policies to address its potential impacts. The dual focus of the program will examine both the scientific underpinnings of climate change and sea level rise, and their effects on the economy and society. What types of policies are likely to be effective in addressing the impact of climate change, both on humans and on the environment? The curriculum will use the history of the Venice lagoon, as well as its more recent modifications, to illustrate the issues connected with human-driven changes in coastal bays and estuaries, sea level rise, and natural environmental dynamics. No background in Italian language is required and all courses are taught in English.


  • Ecology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • International Affairs/Relations
  • Political Science
  • Science


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