CEA Study Abroad in Argentina - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

offered by CEA

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Famous for juicy steaks, local wines, and sultry tango, Buenos Aires offers an exciting backdrop for your study abroad adventure. The city’s European roots are still evident in stunning architecture and grand plazas that wouldn’t look out of place in Paris or Madrid, but the vibe is pure Argentine. Edgy art galleries, chic boutiques, and inviting cafés line the bustling streets, side-by-side with tango bars, ice cream shops selling every flavor you’ve never heard of, and parrillas (steakhouses). Studying abroad in Buenos Aires means never being bored: You can hone your Spanish at the University of Belgrano, explore Argentine culture through courses at the CEA Buenos Aires Center, meet local students, and gain hands-on experience through volunteering opportunities and cultural activities.


  • Liberal Arts
  • Business Management
  • Sports Economics/Management
  • Spanish
  • International Business
  • Latin American Studies
  • Culture


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