CIEE May Language and Culture Program in Lisbon, Portugal

The world is our classroom. Join us.

offered by CIEE

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With its eclectic mix of castles, ultra-contemporary buildings, and colorful ceramic walls, Lisbon is the perfect choice for adventure this summer. You’ll never be bored in this cool and charming capital while taking rigorous courses on Portuguese culture and history and enjoying a range of activities and excursions. By the time you complete our May Language and Culture program, you’ll have a rich appreciation of Portugal and its people. Study abroad in Portugal and you will: -Live in Lisbon, a cultural and economic center of the Iberian Peninsula -Take courses on Portuguese history and culture offered in English -Participate in cultural activities and excursions, including visits to museums and concerts -Go on a day trip to explore Sintra, Mafra, or Óbidos -Spend a weekend in Porto, Madeira, or Azores


  • European Studies
  • Portuguese Language Literature And Studies


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