CIEE Summer British Culture Program in London, England

The world is our classroom. Join us.

offered by CIEE

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Vibrant, cosmopolitan, and on the cutting-edge of the music, theater, and fashion scenes—London is a cultural powerhouse and one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Through coursework, screenings, guest speakers, and cultural excursions, studying abroad in London will allow you to explore England’s vibrant and influential culture while giving you insight into the country’s social policies, value systems, and influence on the rest of Europe and the world. Study abroad in London and you will: - Partake in either one, two or three four-week sessions, exploring communications and public health in London - Have access to guest speakers, experts and practitioners from the selected fields of study - Enjoy day trips to neighboring cities as well as a weekend excursion to another part of England or the UK


  • European Studies
  • Culture
  • Public Health
  • English Literature
  • Drama


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