CIEE Summer Business & Tourism in Europe Multi-Site Program in Dublin + Palma

The world is our classroom. Join us.

offered by CIEE

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Spend this summer studying the business of tourism in two of the top vacation destinations in Europe. You’ll begin in Ireland, a country which attracts up to seven million visitors each year, looking at responsible tourism development as means of bolstering the economy while helping building community and national identity. Next, you’ll travel to Mallorca, with a population of slightly less than one million, the island welcomes 10 million international tourists every year. As a result, the service sector, and in particular tourism, becomes the economic engine of this region. Here you’ll explore the different aspects of tourism as a vector of economic development and its contribution as an engine of globalization, and the importance of promoting sustainable tourism for the long-term ecosystem preservation. The cases of the Balearic Islands, Ireland and other European countries will be used to understand the evolution of tourist area and compare it with examples of less advanced or less mature locations. Study abroad in Dublin and Palma and you will: - Develop insight into sustainable tourism practices in two of the industry’s leading destinations - Be able to offer your own diagnosis on the success of innovative techniques and renewal projects - Gain a greater appreciation of tourism’s power to reinforce traditions and customs that come under threat from the globalization of culture - Understand tourism’s contribution to inclusive sustainable development in developing countries


  • European Studies
  • Irish Studies
  • Sustainable Development
  • Travel / Tourism


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