CIEE Summer Environmental Issues Multi-Site Program in Groningen + Palma

The world is our classroom. Join us.

offered by CIEE

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This summer, come explore pressing environmental issues and the measures that two different European countries are taking to combat them. You’ll begin in Groningen, exploring the Dutch experience defining spatial problems and devising, implementing, and monitoring spatial policies to investigate more widely applicable aspects of national, urban, and regional planning. Next, you’ll travel to Palma to examine marine ecosystems: the human environmental impacts, preventive and corrective actions, sustainable development and conservation, and restoration. Study abroad in Groningen and Palma and you will: - Study with specialized staff from the Department of Spatial Sciences - Conduct field work at costal shores - Gain insight into and analyze the effectiveness of sustainable and conservational practices


  • European Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Social Policy
  • Urban Planning
  • Marine Biology
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Risk
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Management Systems / Policy
  • Environmental Architecture And Design


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