CIEE Summer Sports & Society: Baseball in Context in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Alou, Bautista, Franco, Guerrero, Ortiz, Martinez, Pujols—the Dominican Republic has produced more major league baseball players per capita than any other country in the world. Spend your summer in Santo Domingo examining the impact of sports on the culture, identity, and society of this island nation. Through Spanish language study, cultural activities, and facilitated interactions with Dominicans within and outside of the local sports world, studying abroad in Santo Domingo offers you unparalleled insight into the relationships between baseball and Caribbean culture and society. Study abroad in Santo Domingo and you will: - Learn about the cultural, social, and economic impacts of major league baseball on Dominican society, and the challenges and opportunities posed by the globalization of the sport - Examine the interdependence between developing countries and the premier leagues of the baseball and sporting industries of various developed countries - Experience Dominican baseball through site visits to baseball clubs, academies, training facilities, and through attendance at baseball games where you'll meet with players, scouts, trainers, agents, and managers


  • Sports
  • Sports Economics/Management
  • Sports Science
  • Culture
  • Spanish
  • Spanish Language Literature And Studies


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