CIEE Sustainability & Community Program in Stellenbosch, South Africa

The world is our classroom. Join us.

offered by CIEE

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Study sustainability in a tranquil, friendly environment in Stellenbosch, South Africa’s center for “clean” industry and a sought-after spot for businesses. Start with a week at the Sustainability Institute, a working ecovillage. Learn about the effects of apartheid and what’s being done to combat it. Discover how wine farms are moving toward sustainability, and examine different cultural patterns in one of the most diverse countries in the world. You’re in for a well-rounded experience of a lifetime. Study abroad in Stellenbosch and you’ll: - Take innovative CIEE and Stellenbosch University courses on issues and themes related to sustainability and community - Participate in a special CIEE preterm Building Sustainable Communities module during which you’ll live, study, and volunteer at the Sustainability Institute, and interact with members of the associated ecovillage community - Go on field trips and excursions focused on ecology, natural resource management, community development, and sustainable agriculture - Take part in CIEE community service projects with historically disadvantaged communities around Stellenbosch, including opportunities with schools, NGOs, and public health organizations - Attend special activities coordinated by CIEE through our partnership with the Sustainability Institute, including academic and experiential modules, guest lectures, and local activities that allow for firsthand exploration of the challenges facing global communities today


  • African Studies
  • Sustainable Development
  • Independent Study
  • Foreign (Non-English) Languages And Literature
  • Economics
  • Community Service
  • Public Policy
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Studies


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