CIEE Sustainability & the Environment Program in Monteverde, Costa Rica

The world is our classroom. Join us.

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“Newsweek” declared Monteverde one of the world’s top places to remember before it disappears. Get to know why the city’s beautiful and rare cloud forest habitat is so important to the country and the planet on CIEE’s Sustainability and the Environment program. At our Study Center in the heart of the cloud forest, you’ll dig into wildlife conservation, environmental education, alternative agriculture, ecotourism, reforestation, sustainable building, environmental art, or green energy – and maybe help the world in the process. Study abroad in Monteverde and you’ll: - Participate in specially designed CIEE courses on sustainability and tropical conservation - Travel to remote and unique locations in Costa Rica and Nicaragua - Intern with local organizations, businesses, or farms dedicated to sustainable development - Live with a Costa Rican family and immerse yourself in the culture and language - Explore the sustainability of alternative energy, food systems, agriculture, nature reserves, and tourism in Costa Rica - Take excursions to protected areas of endangered biological and cultural diversity to learn about their threats and what can do to save them


  • Latin American Studies
  • Tropical Biology
  • Ecology
  • Conservation And Preservation
  • History
  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Studies
  • Internship Programs


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