El Nomad Study Abroad Programs

El Nomad Study Abroad Programs

El Nomad Study Abroad Programs


Founded in 2007, El Nomad is a boutique study abroad company based in Cuenca, Ecuador. Our small size and local knowledge grants us great flexibility, which leads to a much more personalized, intimate experience for you. We are passionate about facilitating cultural understanding and competency through authentic immersion experiences. As an international team of well-traveled professionals, we value intercultural relationships and truly understand what it means to be a global citizen. As a company we live out our passions by offering affordable, full-immersion experiences in Ecuador including: homestays, Spanish language courses, professional internships, volunteer opportunities, and customized group programs.


El Nomad's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and global citizenship can be seen through our staff and sustainable programs. We've hosted students, travelers, families, and groups from all over the world and are proud to offer programs designed to respect and immerse students in Ecuadorian culture, while making as little a footprint as possible on the environment and the traditions of this beautiful country. Our goal is for clients to leave with a greater appreciation for other cultures, not just Ecuador's, and better prepared for an increasingly interconnected world.


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