Argentina: Photojournalism and Social Change

Develop your photography skills and practice your Spanish as you explore Argentine society

offered by Experiment In International Living

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Please visit our website for more information. Embark on a hands-on exploration of photojournalism on this high school summer abroad program in Argentina. Study the fundamentals of photography and the art of storytelling through images by attending digital photography classes and photojournalism workshops, going on photo shoots, and visiting local galleries. Become acquainted with issues relevant to a local community and, using your own creativity and self-expression, choose a subject matter and social issue to document through photographs. After learning how to design your own pinhole camera under the guidance of an Argentine artist, you and your group will conduct a series of photography workshops for schoolchildren in under-served communities. During your time in the capital, learn about Argentine history and culture, visiting art museums, the Plaza de Mayo, and other important sites. Go beyond Buenos Aires’ well-known locations and explore diverse neighborhoods throughout the city with your group. Meet with local youth to gain a deeper understanding of Argentine life and contemporary social issues. Continue practicing your Spanish as you experience Argentine daily life, food, and culture outside the capital city, particularly during the program’s two-week homestay in Rafaela. In addition to daily activities with your host families — such as cooking traditional meals together — go on excursions with your group around Rafaela, including to Rosario, one of Argentina’s largest cities and home to impressive examples of neoclassical architecture, retained throughout the centuries. During this time, work on your own photojournalism project, focusing on a social, economic, political, or cultural theme of your choice. Learn to use photography as an effective tool to communicate and document the ideas, perspectives, knowledge, and stories you gather through your summer in Argentina. Near the end of the program, your group will organize a collaborative exhibition of your photography. Orientation: Buenos Aires, 3–4 days Homestay: Rafaela or Santa Fe, 14–16 days Other Accommodations: Hotels


  • Photography
  • Spanish
  • Arts


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