Argentina: Photojournalism and Social Change

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Argentina: Photojournalism and Social Change

Please visit our website for more information. Embark on a hands-on exploration of photojournalism on this high school summer abroad program in Argentina. Study the fundamentals of photography and the art of storytelling through images by attending digital photography classes and photojournalism workshops, going on photo shoots, and visiting local galleries. Become acquainted with issues relevant to a local community and, using your own creativity and self-expression, choose a subject matter and social issue to document through photographs. After learning how to design your own pinhole camera under the guidance of an Argentine artist, you and your group will conduct a series of photography workshops for schoolchildren in under-served communities. During your time in the capital, learn about Argentine history and culture, visiting art museums, the Plaza de Mayo, and other important sites. Go beyond Buenos Aires’ well-known locations and explore diverse neighborhoods throughout the city with your group. Meet with local youth to gain a deeper understanding of Argentine life and contemporary social issues. Continue practicing your Spanish as you experience Argentine daily life, food, and culture outside the capital city, particularly during the program’s two-week homestay in Rafaela. In addition to daily activities with your host families — such as cooking traditional meals together — go on excursions with your group around Rafaela, including to Rosario, one of Argentina’s largest cities and home to impressive examples of neoclassical architecture, retained throughout the centuries. During this time, work on your own photojournalism project, focusing on a social, economic, political, or cultural theme of your choice. Learn to use photography as an effective tool to communicate and document the ideas, perspectives, knowledge, and stories you gather through your summer in Argentina. Near the end of the program, your group will organize a collaborative exhibition of your photography. Orientation: Buenos Aires, 3–4 days Homestay: Rafaela or Santa Fe, 14–16 days Other Accommodations: Hotels


  • Photography
  • Spanish
  • Arts

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Mexico: Marine Biology on the Baja Peninsula

Please visit our website for more information. Spend a summer abroad experiencing different marine environments and regional cultures as you travel from the coastal city of La Paz — situated between desert mountains and the Gulf of California — to the Yucatán Peninsula on this program for high school students. Meet with marine biologists, researchers, and guides in La Paz. Learn about the history of human and animal habitation in the peninsula. Snorkel among coral reefs, observing sea lions in their natural habitats, on the beautiful island of Espíritu Santo, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. During this period, you live with a Mexican family, which opens up amazing windows into Mexican culture. Take advantage of continuous opportunities for Spanish language study while experiencing the region’s incredible natural environments and regional culture with host family members. As the program moves to the Yucatán in southeastern Mexico — from desert to jungle — you experience a completely different natural environment. Learn about pearl farming on the island of Cozumel and witness ongoing ecosystem restoration efforts through the installation of artificial reefs. Take a late-night beach walk to watch giant sea turtles laying eggs on the sand. Travel to Akumal beach for a guided snorkel excursion with sea turtles and manta rays. Witness the region’s strong Maya cultural influence, and visit the Maya archaeological ruins at Coba or Tulum. The program begins and ends in Mexico City, giving you time to deepen your knowledge of Mexico’s culture, history, and food from the vantage point of the country’s expansive capital city. Visit the Zócalo, Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de María, or Frida Kahlo Museum, or take a walking tour of the old city. Orientation: Mexico City, 3–4 days Homestay: La Paz, 11–12 days Other Accommodations: Hotels, eco-lodge, ranch

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Spain: Language and Cultural Traditions

Please visit our website for more information.

Rapidly improve your Spanish through a month of immersive language study and historical and contemporary exploration through Spain. Begin your month of language immersion in Spain’s capital — Madrid — as you spend time at the city’s famous sites and museums, explore its neighborhoods, and sample Spanish cuisine. Then, travel to southern Spain, to the province of Andalucía, where you will engage in intensive Spanish language training.

This high school summer abroad program has two separate language groups. One group has Spanish training in the historic city of Granada, where, for four hours each day, the group attends small-group, interactive language classes divided by language level at the Centro de Lenguas y Educación Intercultural. Learn inside and outside the classroom through music, film, city scavenger hunts, and field trips. After class, take advantage of opportunities to meet up with Spanish students learning English and join them for sporting or cultural events. The program’s other group has language classes and immersive arts training in Guadix. This group participates in workshops focused on flamenco, ceramics, theatrical performance, and other arts, in addition to the language training. In Guadix, there are opportunities to learn about Romani culture and Gitano identity and to perform flamenco and traditional village dances with local community members.

Both groups explore Granada’s sites — including the Alhambra, city gardens, and local museums — to better understand the city’s historical layers and contemporary culture. All students also have a homestay in an Andalusian town. Enjoy family meals and visit local markets, beaches, and cafés as you continue to enhance your Spanish through constant conversation with host family members. The program incorporates some outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, and excursions to the beach. Students return to Madrid for final reflection and language practice before departing for home.

Language Certificate: At the conclusion of this program, each participant will earn a language certificate noting how many hours of language classes s/he completed.

Orientation: Madrid, 3 days
Homestay: Guadix, Priego, or Motril, 10–12 days
Other Accommodations: Hotels, student residence, camping lodge

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