Mongolia: Nomadic and Urban Cultures

Experience Mongolia's nomadic traditions and rapid urbanization on an immersive summer abroad program for high school students.

offered by Experiment In International Living

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Please visit our website for more information. Experience nomadic culture, ancient traditions, and contemporary issues in Mongolia on this high school summer abroad program. Participate in the daily life of a nomadic pastoral community and discover how nomadic traditions inform life in urban areas. Visit an important Buddhist pilgrimage site, take lessons in traditional Mongolian arts, and learn how to live in a ger — a round, felt-lined tent. At the famous Naadam festival, the biggest national festival in Mongolia, observe competitions in horsemanship, wrestling, and archery. During your orientation in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, you’ll experience urban Mongolia, take lessons in throat singing and morin khuur playing, and begin your Mongolian language study. In the mountainous Hovsgol province, complete a community service project such as painting or cleaning a school. Trek on horseback to the ancient, pristine Lake Hovsgol, the second largest freshwater lake in Asia. Next, the program takes you to Mongolia’s open grasslands to experience rural life during a homestay with a nomadic pastoral herder family. Help your host family tend livestock and learn from them how to cook traditional meals, prepare various dairy products, and ride horseback. Your Mongolia Experiment draws to a close at the edge of the Gobi Desert, where you’ll see Buddhist temples and meditation caves and learn about Danzan Ravjaa, known as the Lama of the Gobi, at the important pilgrimage site Hamryn Hiid. Venture into the desert on camels and spend the night sleeping in a ger under the desert sky. Orientation: Ulaanbaatar, 3–4 days Homestay: Delgerkhaan, 10 days Other Accommodations: Hotels, camps, and gers


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