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Country : Chile
City : santiago
Program Term
  • Summer
Program Date
Program Description
When you step off the plane in Santiago, you will be mesmerized by the towering Andes Mountainsand at how the city of Santiago sits neatly below them, contentedly bringing together the colonial past of Chile and its new role as the commercial center of the country. During your stay, see a futbol game, taste asado Chileno, experience the innovative music scene, and take in the many sides of Chilean culture.

Santiago Summer Health Studies
Surrounded by snowcapped mountains, Santiago is a sophisticated, modern city with a population of more than six million residents. It is also the capital of Chile, the country with one of the strongest economies in South America.

Because Chile offers its residents a communitycentered public health care system, studying in Santiago offers you the opportunity to spend a summer gaining unique medicallyrelated experience, as well as an appreciation for culturallybased health care practices and attitudes toward health.

Designed for advanced Spanish students in healthrelated majors, this program offers you valuable insight into the health care system of Santiago. Develop experience through clinical observation and participation in public health care projects, while improving your communication skills through a Spanish course for health practitioners. All courses are conducted in Spanish.
Who Can Apply
  • United States
Languages Required For This Program
4 or more semesters of college-level Spanish
Subject Area
  • Health Administration
  • Internship Programs
  • Spanish Language Literature and Studies
Program Cost
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