IES Abroad Amsterdam - Law & Criminology Semester/Year

offered by IES Abroad

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The bustling city center of Amsterdam is easily negotiable by foot or bicycle, with 160 canals, 1,281 bridges and 90 islands all reclaimed from the sea. Founded on Calvinistic principles, today the entrepreneurial spirit of the Dutch culture lives on with a lively arts scene and cafes. The strong work ethic in Amsterdam produced a society supportive of Dutch masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh that fill the museums today. The original religious zeal has been transformed into the uniquely Amsterdammer gezellig frame of mind. According to, "Locals and foreigners alike will tell you that the word cannot be translated. Its meaning includes everything from cozy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, and from enjoyable to gregarious." Amsterdam - Pre-Law Certificate/Law & Criminology If you are eager to take an independent, fresh look at the world and at yourself, let Amsterdam redefine your perspective. This progressive city is defined by its cutting-edge contributions to the arts, business, politics, and social policy, and its importance in the history of Europe and the world. Enroll in the Pre-Law Certificate Program and take the IES Abroad co-sponsored law seminar plus two or three Universiteit van Amsterdam law-related courses. Designed for students who are interested in attending law school or simply interested in law, this program approaches law from an interdisciplinary perspective to give you a broad understanding of comparative international law. You will receive a UvA-endorsed Pre-Law certificate upon successful completion of the program. Beginning in Fall 2014, the Pre-Law Certificate Program, hosted at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, will transition to a new program called the Law & Criminology Program, hosted at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA). In this new program, you enroll in a core course on law and three to four law- or criminology-related courses at the VUA and live on the VUA campus. The Netherlands will also be your classroom. Observe some of the most progressive European laws in action, and have access to the professionals and experts who can help you put them in context. And from field trips that take you off the beaten path to places like Rotterdam, Maastricht, or the Island of Texel to field study visits in and around Amsterdam, you will gain valuable insight into what you are learning in the classroom. Welcome to study abroad! We want you to feel at home in Amsterdam, so we do everything we can to help you integrate into life here. Our goal is to give you every resource you need to make the most of living and learning in Amsterdam.


  • Art History
  • Art/Fine Arts
  • Criminology
  • Culture
  • Foreign (Non-English) Languages And Literature
  • Gender Studies
  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Languages / Linguistics
  • Law
  • Research Study
  • Sexuality Studies
  • Sociology
  • Studio Arts


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