IES Abroad Freiburg - Environmental Studies & Sustainability - Semester/Year

offered by IES Abroad

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The environmental movement took root in Freiburg long ago—and now it’s a way of life. Known for taking the lead in the development of eco-friendly technologies and architecture, Freiburg also attracts researchers and environmental organizations from around the world. Come study Freiburg’s many unique contributions to this important movement. This English-taught program allows you to explore topics in Environmental Studies, Forest Ecology, and Sustainability while living in Freiburg, located near the beautiful Black Forest and Rhine River Valley. Freiburg and the surrounding regions will be your classroom. Imagine traveling to the Rhine River to take samples and observe local ecology, or the forests of the Swiss Alps to further your discussions on forest management and tourism. Wherever possible, your courses take you outside the classroom to give you hands-on experience and to take advantage of all that your study abroad location has to offer. Organized in cooperation with the Master Degree Program in Forest Science at the distinguished Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, the program offers courses taken alongside German and international students at the University and at the IES Abroad Center. Courses are organized as a series of three-week modules that focus on the sustainable management of natural resources, with special emphasis on renewable energies, environmental ethics, the adaptive management of forests, and ecological processes in ecosystems. Optional modules and research assistantship opportunities are also available after the end of the term of the regular term.


  • Environmental Studies
  • Biology (General)
  • Economics
  • International Business
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Urban Planning
  • German Language Literature And Studies


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