IES Abroad Freiburg - Language & Area Studies - Semester/Year

offered by IES Abroad

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Ideal for students interested in rapidly improving their German language skills, the IES Abroad Freiburg Program offers you IES Abroad and university courses taught in German by distinguished local faculty. You can also participate in an internship, which includes time spent working at your placement and an academic seminar that helps you contextualize what you're learning. Freiburg will be your classroom. Imagine studying German vocabulary and then going out to a local market to practice the words you’ve just learned, or discussing German theater and then seeing a local production that evening. Welcome to study abroad! Wherever possible our courses take advantage of the city’s historical, artistic, and cultural sites, and several courses include hands-on, practical components. You can also enroll in courses at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg or other local academic institutions where you will experience the German education system first-hand. and you can participate in our language partners program to practice your German. Maybe you’ll even make some German friends while you’re at it!


  • Art History
  • Communications
  • Cultural, Population And Demographic Studies
  • Economics
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Film
  • German Language Literature And Studies
  • History
  • International Affairs/Relations
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science


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