Learn and Help Spanish Academy Volunteer program

Learn Spanish and Volunteer in Guatemala

offered by Learn and Help Spanish Academy

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What better way to practise your Spanish than volunteering at one of Humanity First's programs in Guatemala and help change lives in impoverished communities? Volunteering is the richest way to experience a culture and understand the hardships of daily life in developing countries such as Guatemala. Programs on offer to volunteers include: - English tutor at Humanity First Academy - English teacher at Masroor Ahmad school or Humanity First Academy - Teacher support at Masroor Ahmad school - Teaching moral and ethical lessons at Masroor Ahmad school - Educational workshops for teenagers - Afterschool program and activities for young children Volunteers receive transport to and from the airport in Gautemala city to Antigua, 20 hours of one-on-one lessons weekly, daily meals provided in their homestay, all study materials, orientation to Antigua, cultural activities within and around Antigua, placement at a suitable volunteer programs, daily transport and certification at the completion of the course. Help those in need and enjoy a life changing experience!


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