The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies

Great Wall. Great Times. Great Opportunities.

offered by Loyola University Chicago

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Stand out from the crowd and join The Beijing Center for a Semester or Full Year immersion in the heart of Beijing, China! By combining quality language studies and coursework, unparalleled immersion opportunities, and an excursion throughout the country, you will learn more about China in one week than you have in your entire life. You will select a level of Mandarin appropriate to your efficiency, and will have the opportunity to practice on a daily basis with a tutor, Chinese roommate, as well as on and off campus! Choose from our selection of courses accredited by Loyola University Chicago and taught by leading scholars from China's outstanding universities and institutes. Each semester you will travel on a two-week excursion. In the Fall, you will follow the ancient route of the Silk Road, history's cultural bridge between East and West, and in the Spring, You will experience China's cultural diversity as you travel throughout country's southeastern province of Yunnan.


  • Architecture
  • Art/Fine Arts
  • Asian And Asian American Studies
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Business Management
  • Chinese Language
  • Communications
  • Cultural, Population And Demographic Studies
  • Culture
  • East Asian Studies
  • Economics
  • Area/Ethnic Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Management Systems / Policy
  • Ethics
  • Film
  • Finance
  • Field-Study
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Intensive Language
  • International Business
  • International Economics
  • International Studies
  • Journalism / Broadcasting
  • Liberal Arts
  • Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations
  • Modern Languages
  • Natural Sciences
  • Oriental Medicine
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • Research Study
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Student Trips (Non-Credit)
  • Theology
  • Theater, Drama, Dance


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