New Shores International College

Welcome to New Shores. Ranked No. 3, 7 & 16 for best Industry Exposure, Quality of Education, & Placements respectively.

New Shores International College

Who We Are

New Shores is dedicated to India and its spirit of emergence as the global knowledge economy. New Shores was founded under the aegis of Government of India's Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan- 
2001 funded B.M.V.S. New Shores has been contributing to the national empowerment through providing cutting edge education to the ambitious students hailing from various socio-economic backgrounds and countries from across the world. New Shores’ purpose is to impart liberal education that produces entrepreneurs and thought leaders with the ability to innovate and meet the needs of the society with a principal focus on the national development. Ever since its inception, New Shores has been consistently producing entrepreneurs who have been remarkably successful
 in various fields including but not just limited to IT, Retail, Health Care, Consulting, & e commerce. New Shores’ Entrepreneurial students have created several thousands of jobs, & have contributed to the 
national GDP.

Diversity Statement

At NEW SHORES the learning thrill augments as students join the top class international students hailing from 20 different countries across the world! The diversity at New Shores is motivational as our students see themselves studying & working in international teams.The Class room becomes the first window to experience different cultures & economies of the world and the classmates become the first individuals in building the international network. Additionally, the composite nature of the class make-up helps our students develop a global perspective & become a truly global leader.

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