New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6)

offered by New Zealand Institute Of Studies

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Introduction The New Zealand Diploma in Business (NZDB) provides students for the main disciplines of business and plays the role of a bridge to business degree study while also offering a free standing industry recognised qualification sought by New Zealand employers. Graduate Profile A candidate who graduate NZ diploma in business (level 6) will be able to: Apply specific business skills Apply a range of interpersonal and communication skills Apply problem solving skill Recognise ethical and moral upon the decision making Work well in both individual and team of diverse peopleGain research skill for future qualification and professional development New Zealand Diploma in Business provides students with a comprehensive business qualification that will enable them to pursue a career in a variety of business fields. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, New Zealand Bankers\' Institute, New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM) and other professional organizations recognise this programme. This programme is well known among NZ employers. Entry to the Course Any degree/graduate with IELTS 6.0 bands or over with no band score less than 5.5 or TOEFL score of 550 or Provisional entry with equivalent learning competencies. Students must take 469 Academic Skills for Business Studies in their first semester. Course Modules The Core Papers 400 Accounting Principles 510 Introduction to Commercial Law 520 The Economic Environment 530 Organization & Management 541 Fundamentals of Marketing 550 Business Computing 560 Business Communication The Optional Papers Students need to complete six of these papers. These must conform to the completion requirements listed above. 430 Quantitative Business Methods 469 Academic Skills for Business Studies 501 Accounting Practices 580 Principles of Tourism 601 Financial Accounting 602 Management Accounting 603 Business Finance 606 Taxation 620 Managerial Economics 625 International Trade & Finance 630 Leadership 633 Human Resource Management 636 Applied Management 648 Marketing Planning and Research 650 Applied Computing Requirement for the course achievement Award of the Diploma: Students are awarded the level 6 Diploma by NZQA when they have: Achieved 12 papers(240 credits) of which 4 (80 credits) papers are at level six Completed six of the seven core papers Completed no more than 3 papers(60 credits) at level four Features of the programme : Diploma issued by NZQA; Programme recognised by potential NZ and global Employers; Small classes; Multi-intake in years. Duration : two years Start time: February, April, July, September and November every year. Final Examination Conditions: Students must achieve 60% or over to pass papers selected. Further Study NZDB results are fully transferable among the Polytechnics with selected cross-credit to the university commerce degrees. Cross Credit of Prior Study & Qualifications There is a limited ability to cross credit prior study and other qualifications. The original scripts and results must be delivered to the school and an application made. When this is completed the student will be charged a fee for this to be formalised. Cross credited work is also registered with NZQA and may form part of the final qualification. Students moving to degree studies in Business may have the ability to cross credit NZ Diploma in Business papers towards their university degree at the time of their first enrollment. Each university has its own particular rules. Students may request this information from the Academic Coordinator. Students who are already enrolled at a university for a degree programme will be able to enroll in single papers in NZ Diploma in Business at this school at the same time, but MAY NOT be able to have these papers cross credited to their university degree, each university has its own rules and it is the responsibility of the student to check this before the enrolment is made at this school. Students who study part time in this programme at the same time as at another educational institution and are in NZ on a Student Permit must obtain a VARIATION of CONDITIONS before commencing classes at this school.


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