Panrimo Study Abroad Programs in Italy

offered by Panrimo

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You don't need to know Italian to study or intern in Italy. Yes, it has the Colosseum, the Vatican, opera singers boating in gondolas down streets of water, and wonderful food (and coffee!). But go to Italy for the best automotive, fashion design, and business internships. Italy has an extremely high standard of living, some of the healthiest and happiest people on earth, and savory gelato for desert. It has entered the European Union and, though its politics can be stormy, Italy has established itself as a unified country comprised of diverse people filled with love and passion for their homeland. Walk the Tuscan countryside, motorboat though the coves of Sicily, or sit and draw the Duomo from your favorite piazza. In Italy, Panroamers see, taste, touch, and breathe pure European history, aesthetics, and elegance.


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