Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Social Change

Explore how concepts of community well-being and cultural identity are being creatively redefined in Bolivia

offered by SIT Study Abroad

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Please visit our website for more information. Study cultural identity and the concept of community well-being in Bolivia. Inquire into the social and psychological impact of globalization on Bolivian communities in Andean and Amazonian regions, asking why some communities seem to be depressed and at risk, while others find resilience and reaffirmation in their families, social networks, creative outlets, traditions, and other resources. On this program, you have the option to create a documentary film or write a children’s book as part of your independent research.


  • Spanish
  • Latin American Studies
  • Cultural, Population And Demographic Studies
  • History
  • Interreligious / Interethnic Relations
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Creative Writing


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