Cameroon: Development and Social Change

Examine social, economic, and political development patterns in one of Africa's most ethnically and geographically diverse countri

offered by SIT Study Abroad

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Please visit our website for more information. The program explores two main topics: development theories and practices as well as the changing cultures, politics, and economy in Cameroon. It will enable you to refresh and build up your knowledge of development through carefully selected case studies of Cameroonian development organizations. Additionally, you will gain insights into the transitioning cultures, politics, and economy of Cameroon, with a focus on three major socio-cultural groups: the Bamiléké, the Bagyeli, and the Anglophones. As you learn about these issues, you will study alongside Cameroonian university students.


  • African Studies
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sociology
  • Social Sciences
  • Development Studies
  • French


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