IHP/Comparative: Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care

Learn how communities around the world understand and strive for health and well-being.

offered by SIT Study Abroad

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Please visit our website for more information. This itinerary is offered in the fall term. This program will strengthen your ability to understand, interpret, and compare the socio-cultural, ecological, economic, political, and biological factors that affect human health. From North America to South Asia and Africa to South America, in city neighborhoods and rural villages, you will learn to listen to and understand multiple voices: people in local communities, governing bodies and nongovernmental agencies, caregivers, and those receiving care. Key Questions: How can a deeper understanding of culture transform our view of health? Is health a fundamental human right? If so, who is responsible for guaranteeing it? What can be done about the health inequities — between rich and poor, urban and rural — that exist around the world? What is the role of public health in the global context? How do the forces of globalization impact health and healthcare? How do grassroots activism and top-down approaches conflict with or complement one another? What is the role of community in health and well-being? And, how do different people understand what it is to be a healthy person in varied cultural contexts?


  • Public Health
  • Anthropology
  • Public Policy
  • Health Sciences
  • Biology (General)


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