Jordan: Health and Community Development

Examine the impact of regional conflicts on healthcare systems and determinants of health in Jordan.

offered by SIT Study Abroad

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Please visit our website for more information. Students will visit health facilities in Amman and across Jordan and discuss population needs in healthcare and the roles played by UN agencies and NGOs in providing health education to diverse populations, including refugees and Bedouins. Students will receive intensive language instruction in Modern Standard Arabic through the program's 3-credit language course; a component on Jordanian Colloquial Arabic is part of the course. Two homestays — an extended urban stay in Amman and a shorter rural stay with a Bedouin family — offer students the dramatic contrast necessary to contextualize healthcare and community development in urban and rural Jordan. Independent Study Project Students will spend the last month of the program working on an Independent Study Project (ISP) in which they conduct primary research on a selected topic related to the theme of the program. The ISP is conducted in Amman or in another approved location in Jordan appropriate to the project. Sample topic areas include: Poverty and healthcare in Jordan Refugees and healthcare Health promotion and diet in rural Jordan Medical tourism and local development Obesity and diabetes among female teenagers Impact of water shortage on the health of refugees and Bedouin tribes Media and health promotion Health education and children’s school textbooks Role of private health clinics in health development in Jordan Religion and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases Availability of mental healthcare to various groups, including refugees


  • Arabic
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Public Health
  • Health Sciences
  • Health Administration
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Occupational, Environ. Health


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