Jordan—Summer Innovation Labs: Water

Explore innovative approaches to water supply in Jordan, one of the world’s driest countries

offered by SIT Study Abroad

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Please visit our website for more information. Water Shortage and Innovation During the summer of 2013, as temperatures rose and pipes ran dry, water riots erupted throughout northern Jordan. But every crisis presents opportunity, and Jordan is developing innovative approaches to water shortages, storage, and supply. Jordan’s approach to water shortage includes ambitious and large scale aquifer projects alongside new and old appropriate technologies of rainwater catchments and greywater treatment systems. Based in Amman, Jordan’s capital, the program explores the interplay of small and large scale appropriate technologies using the refugee population as a lens to better understand innovation that works for a region already running dry. You will be introduced to basic principles of water supply, delivery, and shortage in Jordan, with a focus on innovative responses both at the local community and regional levels. In a field-study context, you will learn from local engineers, community groups, and policy-makers about emerging resilient practices, ideas for water shortage and supply, and long-term stability. Collaborative Project You and your fellow students will engage in a hands-on project, collaboratively with a community organization, to explore innovative responses to water needs, including domestic needs for health and hygiene, urban gardening, and education in water management. The project encourages you to take a local and regional approach in considering a very serious environmental challenge with transnational dimensions. You will learn from and collaborate with ongoing projects and have the opportunity to develop a more rounded knowledge about local ingenuities regarding water catchment and greywater treatment as you share your own ideas and input regarding existing issues. Final projects are designed collaboratively by students, water engineers, and local communities. 


  • Engineering
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Sustainable Development


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