Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender

Acquire an intersectional understanding of the complexities and paradoxes that surround issues of gender and sexuality

offered by SIT Study Abroad

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Please visit our website for more information. Amsterdam (program base) Based in Amsterdam, this program offers rich opportunities for students to explore issues of migration, gender, and sexuality based on their interests. Amsterdam’s wealth of community organizations focused on sexuality and gender issues allows students to get actively involved and learn from professionals, researchers, and activists. Community volunteer opportunities help students develop their learning and communicative skills when working with a local organization. In addition, working with these organizations helps students gain access to the community or research subjects that they want to study for their ISP, thus gaining an inside perspective on Dutch society.  Specialized archives and research centers The Netherlands hosts a number of specialized archives and research centers related to the program’s themes. Students visit and make use of the International Gay and Lesbian Archive and Information Center housed at the Amsterdam Public Library, the library and archive of the women’s movement in the Atria Knowledge Institute for Emancipation and Women’s History, and the Rutgers World Population Foundation social-sexology library. Students also attend lectures and events at the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality at the University of Amsterdam. Scholars from the center occasionally lecture for SIT and advise students on their Independent Study Projects. Students can also visit the UvA Pride Lectures — a series of lectures focused on LGBTQ topics — at the University of Amsterdam. Local excursions In addition to the program’s major excursion to Morocco, students experience local excursions that include a trip to The Hague where students visit the HIVOS international development organization, which supports women’s and LGBT groups around the world. During the visit to the Rutgers World Population Foundation in Utrecht, students meet with professionals involved in developing sex education curriculum and programs used in the Netherlands and internationally. Independent Study Project Students spend part of the semester developing and refining their Independent Study Project (ISP) proposal. Students then devote four weeks near the end of the semester working on the ISP in which they pursue original research on a selected topic of interest to them. The ISP is conducted in Amsterdam or another approved location appropriate to the project. Sample topic areas include: Life stories of female farmers in the Netherlands Multicultural approaches to sex education Female body image in magazines and its effect on women’s self-perception  Perceptions of virginity among young lesbian women The role of Afro-Surinamese women in community activism in Amsterdam Bijlmer Identity and belonging among male GBT Muslim migrants and refugees Family life among same-sex couples


  • Sexuality Studies
  • Feminist, Gender, And Sexuality Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Women'S Studies
  • Social Justice
  • Migration
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Social Sciences


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