Semester Program French Art and Civilisation in Paris

offered by Study Abroad Europe

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Our semester programmes are aimed at students from all countries, who want to experience living in Paris and learning about French history, culture and arts as well as the professional skills of the cultural management consultant, dealer or collector. Each semester starts with a month-long induction of intensive French classes and introduction to French culture. After that, while continuing French studies, students choose two additional specific options, ranging from art history, French literature or philosophy, twentieth-century cinema and literature. The autumn semester includes a special option in the business of the art market while in the spring semester, we offers a special option in cultural events management. All these courses are taught in English. Students fluent in French may opt for courses from the range of IESAâ??s undergraduate programmes in art history, cultural management or art business. As part of each semesterâ??s programme, there are excursions offered on the weekends: a day trip to the Palace of Versailles and a weekend trip either to Normandy or the Valley of the Loire. There are also many evening excursions to the galleries and cultural events in Paris.


  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Art History
  • Art/Fine Arts
  • Arts
  • Classical Studies
  • Drama
  • Filmmaking
  • French
  • Geography
  • Medieval Studies
  • Theater
  • Travel / Tourism
  • Tv And Media Production


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