Paris Noir: Literature, Art, and Contemporary Life in Diaspora

Explore the "Paris Noir" theme through a variety of diverse interpretations and mediums through immersion in modern Parisian culture.

offered by Syracuse University Abroad

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Meet at the famous Café de Flore to study the influence and dynamics of Black culture, literature, and experience in Paris, past and present. Like a jazz composition, the seminar is arranged to convey variations and diverse interpretations of the "Paris Noir" theme and features panel discussions; poetry readings; and visits to community theatre workshops, working artists' studios, nightclubs, concerts, African markets, and restaurants. The program focuses on the contemporary literature, art, and life of African Americans, Antillais, Africans, and Afro-Parisians in Paris and their connections to Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe.


  • African Studies
  • Literature
  • English Literature


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